All you need to know about UAE’s upcoming federal corporate tax

Running a business comes with various responsibilities. As the UAE, Ministry of Finance introduces a federal corporate tax on business profits that will come to effect from June 1, 2023, the responsibilities of businesses based in the Arab country will soon be on the rise.

Presently, there is no corporate tax in the UAE at the federal level. However, some emirates charge a limited corporation tax from various companies based in the petroleum exploration and production industry and from international banks operating in the UAE. But this will not be the case in the coming years. With the beginning of the next financial year, all businesses will be liable to pay 9 percent UAE corporate tax.

The reason behind the new tax imposition

The idea comes amid rising competition from Saudi Arabia, which has been persuading international corporations to shift their Middle East headquarters to the country.

The state news outlet WAM revealed that the UAE corporate tax system was created to incorporate globally recognized best practices and to lessen the regulatory burden on businesses.

According to the reports, the corporate tax will be levied based on the income reported in financial accounts prepared in conformity with internationally accepted accounting standards “with limited oddities and adjustments.”

Businesses that are obliged to the tax imposition

One of the important questions you will have in mind as a business person in the UAE is whether you are required to pay the tax. We have the answer for you.

The corporate tax will apply to both businesses and commercial operations, without any exception.

Personal income from employment, real estate investments, or any other, income earned by individuals who are not from a business or other form of certified commercial activity or otherwise permitted to be conducted in the UAE, will be excluded from corporate tax. While the natural resource extraction companies will continue to be taxed at the emirate level.

The UAE corporate tax structure will be among the most competitive in the world and will incorporate a basic statutory tax rate of 9% and a 0% tax rate for taxable profits up to AED375,000 to help small firms and start-ups.

What you should do as a business?

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